Spomasz Zamość S.A.

The producer of the machines and accompliances for the food industry

About us

Information about the company

SPOMASZ Zamosc Joint-Stock Company is the enterprise to come into being as the continuation of the pre-war metallurgy industrial plant to produce farming equipment. The year of 1950 is accepted to be the beginning when the ZAMET metal plant was established. Drive chains to be called Gall chains were begun to be produced.

The ZAMET enterprise became the part of the Spomasz Group in 1973 and changed its name into „'Spomasz' Pumps and fittings for dairy industry plant in Zamosc” in 1981. The GA pumps for milk and GU pumps for cream were started to be produced. The company was privatized and bought from the treasury by its workers. The enterprise took the name „Spomasz Zamosc S.A.”

Spomasz Zamosc S.A. began the production of the acid-proof steel tanks in 1996. In the beginning there were warehouse tanks, later on process tanks as well as heating and cooling systems and mixer tanks.
Intensive research were started in 1997 to broaden the centrifugal pumps asortment. New types of pumps for food liguids, which fulfil the needs of the food industry, were started to be produced.

The initial capital is 1,000,220 PLN
The company runs its business in two plants with 30,000m2 of the total surface, we employ 138 workers including 8 designers, whose engagement enables the company to be up to the needs.
Spomasz Zamosc S.A. is now putting the CNC machines into production which are cutting, bending, machine cutting, welding. The investition is performed thanks to The regional operational program of the Lublin Province for 2007 to 2013.

Our aim is to make our customers pleased with our products which is the best testimony to SPOMASZ ZAMOSC S.A.
We execute the idea through:

  • professional service of all our customers
  • selecting suppliers to fulfil our quality needs
  • experienced and competent workers engagement
  • taking up the activities connectied with the company development, its improvements particularly through making the quality management perfect.

The Company Board assures that the aims and the quality policy are known, understood and executed by every employee.

We sincerely invite you to cooperation