Spomasz Zamość S.A.

The producer of the machines and accompliances for the food industry


General information

Spomasz Zamość S.A. - The Producer of acid-proof steel tanks. The tanks production started in 1996. Making continuously machine park more modern as well as high experience in designing enables us to produce wide variety of the tanks, from store food liquid through technological ones with heating and cooling, mixers to transportation tanks. Pressure tanks takes a large part in production. The bag filters are a part of it and are designed to store flammable liquid agents.
Spomasz Zamość S.A. is prepared to fulfill and can prove the conformity the produced pressure devices with fundamental 97/23/WE directive requirements. Spomasz owns the certificate signs for more than ten of store tanks to have been bestowed by the President of The National Measurement Office onto the tanks for storing beverage products and spirit

Machines park

The plant equipment enables to produce the tanks to be designed. Among specialised machines, there are:

  • flow turning and neckling-in machine for cone bottoms enabling neckling at maximum radius up to 100mm,
  • precisely controlled four-cylinder winding machine with ability to wind cones
  • CNC plasma cutting machine,
  • CNC guillotine,
  • CNC edge press,
  • welding machines at perfect characteristics,
  • lifters, carriers and gantries system,
  • assembly, research and tank tests positions,
  • company and out-of-company transportation.

Assembly and activation

We assure our customers the chance to arrange the transportation of our products to the destination as well as great variety of work connected with the tanks installation and activation.

Tanks marking

Agreed means to mark the tanks is the letter-digit type. The letter-type symbols characterizes its make when the digits mean its dimensions such as its capacity [m³] and diameter [cm].

As the example, ZIW30-300M2Ł means an insulated tank to be equipped with heating and cooling systems, capacity of 30m³ and the inner tank diameter at 3,000mm equipped with up-rights blade mixer.

Produced mixers can be divided into:

  • Store tanks
  • Process technological tanks

The tanks are produced as the up-right or horizontal types.

Produced tanks catalogue

Tank types
Draft Symbol Description
Z Non-insulated tanks
ZI Up-right insulated tanks
ZIW Insulated tanks with heating or cooling coat

Pressure tanks

Tanks for aseptic storing fruit juices

Store tanks for flammable fluids

Tanks for storing caustic poisonous liquids
ZT Transportations tanks
PLT Tax-type tanks.
Tanks with GUM certificate. Made as store and technological tanks.


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